Enterprise-Grade Encryption Provides Hardened Unparalleled Security for Business and Consumer PCs

Synaptics Inc., the leading developer of human interface solutions, today announced its new generation FS7600 Match-in-Sensor fingerprint authentication family is production-ready with integrations on new PC peripheral products expected to ship in early Q3, and Windows-based notebook PCs expected to ship with next refresh cycle. Synaptics’ innovative Match-in-Sensor technology is the industry’s first fully hardware encapsulated fingerprint sensor and matching solution. Hardened authentication is literally “off the grid”, isolating fingerprint image enrollment, pattern storage and biometric matching within the fingerprint sensor to provide best-in-class protection against on-device threats.

Synaptics capacitive-based Match-in-Sensor fingerprint authentication solution includes a System-on-Chip (SoC) architecture in which a single device performs both input/output functions with an in-sensor microprocessor executing firmware. By performing security sensitive functions completely inside the SoC, Match-in-Sensor adds a new level of security due to total isolation from the host operating system. Alternative authentication via traditional match-on-host is less secure because fingerprint data is communicated with the host processor, which creates opportunities for hardware attacks and system malware.

Synaptics  fingerprint sensors are available with the Sentry Point security suite of powerful tools to protect user identity. This includes Quantum Matcher  for adaptive fingerprint template matching and authentication; Secure Link which combines support for TLS protocol with ECC authentication and AES encryption; and Pure Print anti-spoof technology to help distinguish between fake or spoofed fingerprints and actual live fingers. Pure Print drivers are regularly updated to combat new spoofing techniques and materials.

Dave Bossio, Group Program Manager, Operating System Security, Microsoft :  Synaptics is a long-time trusted partner of Microsoft in the development of highly secure biometric authentication. We recognize Synaptics  match-in-sensor fingerprint security as one of the highest in the industry, and are pleased to work closely with Synaptics in the development of next generation security platforms to support our OS strategy.

Spencer Chiu, CEO of PQI :  We are excited to be co-developing again with Synaptics to create the latest generation of our My Lockey USB device, this time a security-focused Functional USB Flash Drive. The PQI My Lockey Functional USB Flash Drive is the world’s-first to combine secure biometric authentication by a SoC fingerprint sensor with data flash storage capability. By utilizing Synaptics’ Match-in-Sensor fingerprint solution, the PQI Functional USB Flash Drive leverages multiple security layers that can protect against cybersecurity threats. In addition, it incorporates Synaptics’ advanced SecureLink data encryption technology featuring TLS 1.2 and AES-256. Designed to be compliant with FIDO and Microsoft Windows Hello, PQI’s Functional USB Flash Drive offers unprecedented personal data security.

Godfrey Cheng, corporate vice president, PC Division, Synaptics :  As demonstrated at Computex, Synaptics takes security very seriously and provides the industry’s most robust solution to protect users and enterprises from attacks. Our long-standing leadership in fingerprint security, along with our key partnerships with leaders such as Microsoft and FIDO, has ultimately helped define the critical security requirements that OEMs now demand in their PC biometric development programs.

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