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Professional Services

Ever since its inception, 3Core Systems has been offering Information Technology specialists with the most current state of the art skills that are needed to meet our client's requirements and their dynamic information technology environments.

Our consultants have had an immaculate record of completing all projects successfully through technical expertise that encompasses a broad range of system development skills; from concept definition to systems development to integration and testing.

We offer a full suite of Information Technology Staffing services and specialists to all our clients including but not limited to

How We Do it?

Legend: SPOC: Single point of contact, RMS: Recruiting Management System, IDB: Internal Database, JBs: Job Boards, SN: Social Networks, TPs: Trusted Partners

The Difference

We at 3Core appreciate and recognize how each organization and their requirements are unique; in its approach, its market positioning or the policies and processes it follows. It is with this understanding that we carry out a detailed research and analysis of our client's needs, which in turn, assures the identification of resources that are a right fit for the organization.

  • We give a great deal of importance to detail and do not stop asking questions, unless we understand what is that the client is looking for
  • Once we have a detailed understanding communicated across the recruiting team, we then focus on finding the right professionals for the position.
  • We do this by a tiered recruiting approach wherein, we qualify candidates not only by preliminary interviews, but also by extensive technical interviews before we submit the candidates to the customer
  • 3Core has developed a cost effective, comprehensive and time saving remote administration mechanism for managing client’s needs with a minimum turnaround time as low as 4-48 hours.

Abraham Lincoln quoted that "I walk slowly, but I never walk backwards". At times, we may take more time to present a right resource while working on a niche requirement but we do not compromise on quality.

Resource Onboarding Process

Initial Screening & Technical Interview
  • Validate accuracy of his/her resume
  • Technical evaluation by Senior Consultant
  • Adaptability evaluation by Project Manager
Skills Evaluation
  • Phone and Skype Interviews
  • Customized Computer based Test (As required)
  • Automated/On-Line Testing Services (As required)
  • Professional Reference Checks
  • Educational Reference Checks
  • Employment Verification Checks
Drug Test & Criminal Record Check
  • Drug test (Urinalysis)
  • 5 Panel Hair Follicle Drug Test (As required)
  • 7 years Criminal background check for all States
Employment Eligibility Confirmation
  • Verify Visa status
  • E-verify, Form I-9
Assignment Orientation
  • Project Overview
  • Deliverable expectations & Security Policies
  • Professional etiquette