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Data Migration

Implementing SAP is an important challenge, both in terms of resources (people, money, time) and in business process. A lot is at stake and, for most of you, failure is not an option you can afford. To put all odds on your side, you need a good methodology. One that will provide you with a realistic planning, a solid organization, and a way to manage the process and control tools to detect and correct slippage before it becomes a problem. 3Core has adopted SAP Rapid Data Migration based on SAP best practices.

Why SAP Rapid Data Migration?

  • If your company is deploying an SAP solution for the first time, rapid data migration can help you move customer, product, service information, and more from an existing database – even from Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and flat files – into your SAP solution.
  • If your company makes an acquisition, rapid data migration can help you move customer and employee records from the customer relationship management (CRM) and HR systems of the acquired company into your existing SAP solution.


SAP offers tools for governance and visualization to support the activities taking place in each of these stages. The governance solutions help ensure that only authorized individuals can make changes to the data or mappings and that an audit trail exists to capture each change. The visualization tools enable you to see just what is taking place with each step in the migration process.