Human Capital Management

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Our practice areas focus on SAP and SuccessFactors HCM solutions, dedicated to help organizations successfully customize, implement and maintain leading-edge HCM applications. 3Core has successfully completed a wide variety of on premise and cloud HCM projects, including implementations, upgrades, functional enhancements, and geographic rollouts. Please check our Implementation Methodology HERE

3Core, a valued partner of SAP & SuccessFactors, is not just about implementing the project, it is more about understanding the business strategy and future goals of the business owner/stake holders/CHRO. We are not just about Technology Consulting but more about building a HCM strategy that integrates with different HR Processes to maximize the impact and improve growth and bottom-line. What we bring to the table is the combined experience of technology and in depth knowledge of HCM process.

Our team is focused on the integration of HCM into the current SAP infrastructure along with the daily operations of the human resources and payroll departments. Our team has a deep understanding of human resources and appreciates the complexities associated with a technology implementation surrounding HCM. 3Core recognizes what matters most is the end-user adoption and successful implementation of the right solution to meet your requirements. Our team possesses a successful history of providing SAP Human Resources solutions and support to leading organizations including public and private sectors. 3Core has a wide range of service offerings and a wealth of practice knowledge in the Enterprise Application Solutions arena.

HCM Solutions and Services

Why SAP SuccessFactors Cloud Solutions


World-class data centers and third-party certifications make the cloud airtight and keep your data safe. You pay as you go and let other people worry about keeping the system up and running for you.

Service & Support

The cloud is more than just software – it delivers a full-service experience so you can do faster. You might be surprised by all that is included and how little you need to do.


From mobility to collaboration and from in-memory databases to next-generation development platforms, leveraging the cloud can put your business at the same altitude as emerging technologies.


From responding to changing market conditions to meeting a customer's request, cloud computing provides your people with the tools they need to get the job done


You can set up a new solution without a large capital investment. And with low subscription minimums, cloud solutions allow you to start small and expand as needed.

SuccessFactors Implementation Scenarios

At 3core, we don't believe in rip and replace just because customers are embracing new technologies. We have certified consultants who implemented mission critical SuccessFactors core and talent management solution for our customers across North America. Our team provides options where customers can move parts or whole of of their HR operations to the cloud while still being able to leverage their on premise investments. The customer typically has 4 different options, which are showcased below,