Treat Success and Failure With the Same Spirit : Anil Kumble

• Treat Success and Failure With the Same Spirit,  Advised Mr. Anil Kumble at FLAME University’s Annual Convocation 2018.

PUNE, IndiaMay 7, 2018  :  FLAME University’s Annual Convocation 2018 was held at the FLAME University campus in Pune on 5th May, 2018. Mr. Anil Kumble, former captain and head coach of the Indian national cricket team and a Padma Shri recipient, was the Chief Guest for the evening.

Members of the FLAME University Board, dignitaries from industry and academia, students and their families, faculty and staff of FLAME University participated in this formal ceremony.

Dr. Santosh Kudtarkar, Associate Dean, Faculty of Liberal Education, proudly said, “As our students graduate from FLAME University to begin a new chapter in their lives, I can’t help but acknowledge the change that has been made in each of their personalities and the impact they have made on our lives too. It makes us feel very proud of them and there are no doubts in our minds that the education that they received here will have a positive and lasting impact.”

Dr. Dwarika Prasad Uniyal, Dean, Faculty of Business, added, “It doesn’t take expensive air tickets for dreams to fly; all it takes is perseverance and the will to do something.” He advised students to dream big and work relentlessly to achieve their goals.

The Convocation was declared open by Dr. Devi Singh, Vice-Chancellor, FLAME University.

Dr. Devi Singh, Vice-Chancellor, during his convocation address spoke about how the interdisciplinary education provided by FLAME prepares students to meet the disruptions ensuing in most industries today. He remarked, “Today, the times that we live in are such that the whole world is going to be your ‘Karmabhoomi’. We know that you have developed the capacity to deal with difficult situations and challenges in life and I am equally sure that you have also strengthened the ethical fiber with which you will face each of these situations. Finally in life you will be judged not so much by your knowledge, but by your actions-actions tempered with commitment and compassion.”

Students were awarded their academic qualifications by the Vice-Chancellor and all the gold and silver medalists were presented with their medals by the Chief Guest.

Conferring of awards was followed by the address of Mr. Anil Kumble. During his rousing address to the graduating students, the Chief Guest remarked, “Success and failure are a part of life and one has to deal with them with the same spirit. There will always be people who will doubt your capabilities through out your career, but don’t get bogged down by criticism and doubters. Know your strengths and persevere. That’s what will make you happy and successful.” He persuaded students to utilize positivity as a tool to face the many challenges they are likely to face.

The ceremony ended with the Vice Chancellor declaring the convocation closed followed by the FLAME anthem. Students and parents said their final good byes while reminiscing on their memories at FLAME over the convocation dinner with faculty, staff and all guests.

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