Our Products

Active Product Development

We are committed to providing products and services that help our clients improve the way they manage their business processes. Our constant endeavor has been to develop good software products - both web based and mobile based. Here are few of our emerging products catering to Retail and Restaurant industries:


iRetail Suite is fully integrated ERP system, especially designed for Retail Distribution and Order to Cash businesses. iRetail is powerful enough to accommodate multiple companies, divisions, and warehouses from a single software solution. Also provides detailed views of sales, production, and inventory information at both micro and consolidated macro levels, thereby enabling Customer to view your entire business or drill-down to a single SKU level.


iEatSocial will be a cloud based solution that would be made specifically for the needs of small local restaurants in the United States of America. The fundamental idea of creating this solution is to empower the small local restaurants with a cheaper and effective way of running and growing their businesses. And with this ideology, we have decided to develop this solution on Open source platform – right from the database which is MySQL to front end which is Java – everything is open source based – which translates to lower cost of development and in turn cheaply available for small local restaurants to use.

Future Products

Our Research team is pursuing ideas for future products. We will be adding many more products into development phase in the near future.