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In Memory Database

3Core offers SAP HANA to its customers to leverage in memory database technology. SAP HANA is more than a database, it's a platform that converges database and application platform capabilities in-memory to transform transactions, analytics, text analysis and mining, predictive, spatial and graph processing so businesses can operate in real time. Please refer to our HANA implementation methodology here


SAP HANA is the only in-memory platform that can natively do both transactions and analytics on the same data base at the same time without duplicating the data thus simplifying application development and analytics at lower cost. SAP HANA is the only platform to support every primary data which includes relational, text, document, unstructured, spatial, graph and semi-structured. SAP HANA supports Big Data with HADOOP integration and IoT with real time streaming.

How SAP HANA Changes the game?
  • ONE Platform
  • ONE copy of data
  • LESS integration
  • MORE innovation
  • SIMPLIFIES IT & Business
What's in the SAP HANA STORE?
SAP HANA Platform Overview